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Why I think it's important to create your own content in the MLM biz.

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

What do you do when it seems a lot of people you know sell the same products? You stand out from the crowd! What sets YOU apart?

Imagine, you have several people on your social media feed selling the same products. There's a FLASH SALE and then you get to see the same, company stocked image about 94 times in an hour. Yeah, girl, I feel it too. I get annoyed too. I don't want to see the same image over and over and over again. Where's the creativity? What work are you putting into your business? Not that your company or my company doesn't produce beautiful images, but does anyone want to see the repeating social media feed? Nope!

So, how can you set yourself apart? Create your own content, silly! Girl, I know how easy it is to screen shot that email you just got and repost it and be like - buy, buy, buy my stuff. And that's where you are going to get that "insert eye-roll, she's another one of those MLM'ers." Don't be that girl. Plus, nobody ever became a millionaire taking the easy road. Maybe, making a million dollars in your MLM company seems impossible. I can tell you that there are 18 girls in my company right now that have done it. So why can't I one day? I'm not going to sell myself short or doubt I can do it one day too. It may take me a little longer, but I can get there too. It's not like I've ever sold anything like this before. I'm still learning the ropes too.

Now, what does create your own content mean? Well, take some pics, girl. I know you have a camera on that phone you have. Set up some shots and go for it. People are going to be more interested in your own personal content than that of your company. They are buying from you because they know, like, and trust YOU - not your MLM company. Go somewhere outside the house if you aren't finding new spots in your home to take pics. Heck, my friend and I took our products to IKEA for a photoshoot and we were about to pee our pants we were laughing so hard. It was so FUN! It's a big part of why I do this. I enjoy having fun. You'll rarely see me using stock imagery from the company. Build up a stockpile of your own shots so when that flash sale happens, you have a pic for it. And, post a pic of yourself with your product graphic. It will add the personal touch. It's called "attraction marketing."

Some of my favorite phone apps for editing are Photoshop, Lightroom, and I like to use WordSwag to write on my photos. I also like to watermark them with my IG handle. After-all, I took them. If someone wants to share it, they don't even need to tag me. It's on there.

I hope you found this information valuable. If you did, make sure to follow me on IG - @jamiekingas and share with your friends. If you have any questions about the products I sell, send me a message.

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