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Invisible Bead Extensions®

Hair extensions are an investment that you want to protect.  With proper care, your extensions can last 12-18 months or more.  Here's a few tips to keep your locks looking and feeling fabulous. 

Invisible Bead Extensions

As a reminder, please always come to appointments with freshly washed, thoroughly rinsed, and dried hair. 

Your install and reinstall appointments do not automatically include washing.  

Washing and heat styling require additional time that needs to be scheduled in advance and includes an additional fee for service. 

Arriving with hair that is not properly prepared could result in having to reschedule your appointment. 

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Brush hair thoroughly multiple times daily.

We recommend a boars bristle/wet brush combo.  You can purchase one at the salon or find them in most stores or on Amazon.  A larger sized, rectangular head with a slight curve is my favorite.  Wide tooth combs are great too for loosening curls.  Brushing should never go all the way to the top of the weft - this can cause looping.  Start just past the row when brushing and you should secure the row with your free hand by placing it flat along the weft line. 

Use oil every day!

Use a stylist recommended oil or serum through ends once per day on dry hair.  

How to wash

Your shampoo and conditioner MUST be sulfate/paraben free, ultra hydrating, and professional.  This is non-negotiable.  If not, you will ruin your hair extensions. 

~If you have 2 rows, you will need to clip the top row up while washing the bottom row.  If you only have one row, you will find it easier to clip up everything above the weft for washing your row.  Then drop down the top and wash that separately. 

~THOROUGHLY RINSE each row.  This is super important. 

~A shower head filter can be useful if you do not have a filtration system.

~Metal Detox shampoo and Masque by L'Oréal is a great addition to your regular routine for weekly detoxing.  










Use professional styling products only

Always use professional products.  Your stylist can recommend his/her favs.  There's definitely not a once size fits all here.  Use leave-in conditioners every time you wash and treat with a deep conditioning mask once a week.  ALWAYS use a heat protectant, never heat style your hair or extensions without it, and keep your heat lower.  You don't want to scorch them with 450 heat.  In fact, you will likely only have to curl them a few times a week since they will hold the style so well and this will save you so much time every day! 

Dry shampoo is also a great tool. You can use it at the root for oily hair or even at the weft if you don't get them completely dry or for excessive sweating.

Hard Water

The minerals in hard water can cause build up, brassy discoloring, dryness and more.  We recommend a shower head filter for your water.  If you have a well, definitely a water filtration system and softner too.  The new Metal Detox shampoo is also really effective for removing built up minerals and metals in your hair, but it's best to try to avoid them in the first place. 

Swimming in pools or salt water

If swimming cannot be avoided, it is recommended that you first rinse with tap water then apply a leave-in conditioner or a masque before swimming.  Braid hair tightly or wrap in a tight bun to avoid tangles and water absorption.  As soon as you get home or are finished swimming, wash immediately and style as normal.  It is obviously best to tie hair up in a loose bun using a scrunchie or clip and avoid soaking your extensions (or natural hair) in pool or salt water though.  Sea water is the ultimate sulfate - sulfate is the second most abundant anion in seawater actually.  

Working out, saunas, and the beach

When activities take place in humid conditions or sweat is involved, it is important to dry your extensions immediately - paying close attention to the top of the weft. 

If you are using sunscreen, it is important to AVOID sunscreens with Avobenzone in it.  These sunscreens will turn your extensions peachy or brassy and can ruin your investment.  Tie hair up like we just discussed and/or use a different type of sunscreen without Avonbenzone in it for most security. 

Self tanner or spray tanning should also be used with extreme caution.  Self tanner can rub off onto your extensions causing them to turn brassy or orange.  Professional spray tanning is better but you should make sure that ALL of your hair is covered completely with a cap until you wash your body.  Not just while you are getting sprayed.  Any rub off on your extensions will discolor them.  Think about lightly colored clothing you may have ruined. 

Avoid sleeping with wet hair.

Before going to sleep, you can loosely braid your hair to avoid matting.  But avoid placing it in a top knot - the tension is too great as your hair will no longer be in "natural fall" position. 

Do NOT go to sleep with your extensions wet.  Please.

A silk pillowcase can help prevent breakage and tangling. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact your stylist immediately!

For more instructional videos from Invisible Bead Extensions®, you can visit their YouTube Channel by clicking the IBE® banner below. 

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