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SARASOTA (WSNN) -  Suncoast stylist lost her rental salon space, but now she's back and better than ever. 

"It’s surreal," Salon Suites of Sarasota Owner and Hairstylist Jamie Kingas said.

A far-fetched dream turned into a reality for Kingas, who says she didn’t expect to have her own salon in Sarasota so soon.

"I walk in the door and I’m like, is this real life," Kingas said.

It was a labor of love that began out of necessity. Last year, Kingas signed a six-month lease for her suite space at a salon in Westfield Southgate mall only to find to the whole salon was facing eviction.

"It was a little heartbreaking that I just moved and it was the perfect space," Kingas said. "And then we had to figure out where we going to go."

So, she turned lemons into lemonade.

"I talked to my husband and said, ‘Here’s a crazy idea, why don’t we just make our own salon?” Kingas said.

After some digging, they found the perfect space, tucked away in the corner of 17th Street and Honore Avenue. Kingas named her business ‘Salon Suites of Sarasota.’

"It’s like walking into a new home that you’re like this is it," Kingas said. "That was the feeling I got when I came here."

Clients remained loyal to Kingas as she searched for a new space.

"She does a great job and I would follow her wherever she goes," Sarasota resident Madison Stanton said.

The hybrid salon is a one-stop shop for all things beauty from hair styling and manicures and pedicures to spray tans and eyelash extensions.

"She made it look great," Stanton said. "And it makes me feel confident and feel good."

A place where clients and employees can feel at home.

"It makes me so happy and so proud to be like I made this for them too," Kingas said. "Everybody can give their own little personal touch to their space."

The grand opening happened tonight. It had food, drinks, and “swag bags” of treats for the first 50 guests.

By Annette Gutierrez

Tampa Bay Newswire
Salon Suites of Sarasota

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