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Monat Skin Care 30 day Review

Omg. Ok Guys. Super vulnerable blog here.

I keep trying to retake this picture bc I keep thinking the lightning has to be messed up but clearly it’s my face. One side is definitely lightening faster than the other. You can see in this other pic too. Zoom in for more details in spots! 🙈 . I'm thinking this is because the "bad side" is because that is the side that is next to the window when I drive in my car and Florida sun is a beast and my windows aren't tinted.

This first pic was taken September 17th. The side by side was taken 30 days later at home. Same house. Same ish time of day. No makeup in the before and after in either picture - not one bit! Other pic was taken 29 days later but in the morning at school (with makeup) when I was screwing around (before I knew I was even going to take the other pic or that I would even use this unedited picture!) while I was awaiting the announcement of the holiday collection for Monat this year. I was on a potty break at school and I’m not supposed to be on my phone in the classroom.

But little did I know, the results would show there too. Guys. I stopped getting my Botox injections (every 6 months only - I’m not crazy about it) in my forehead. I was “due” in September but I had a good feeling we would be introducing anti-aging skin care. And what kind of person would I be if I would keep getting said injections without giving my own products a “fair chance?” A shady one. That’s what I would be. At least that’s how I feel about this. So I didn’t get it. 😬. Last time was March 2019. I mean, I have wrinkles without Botox so let's see how this does against that.

I don’t falsely promote Monat. I share it bc I love it. That’s it. I have to be honest. That’s who I am. Who I’ll ever be. If I don’t like a product and someone asks - I won’t recommend it. I don’t give my opinion on certain products because I either don’t use them or I don't recommend certain products because I don’t love them personally. I don’t say 100% yes to every product we have. FYI.

So, I gave it a fair shot. Forehead wrinkles. MELASMA!!!!! My worst enemy. I avoid sun on my face like the plague! I only wear zinc based products during the day. Some of you know this about me.

That said. I’ve tried most things for melasma. Hmmmmm. None of it worked. Or came close to working without causing my face to burn like the dickens. I'm talking RX products, OTC products, other MLM products. And low and behold, plant based stem cells and everything else Monat has put into this skin care is actually helping. It’s working guys!!! It’s a slow process. ANY GOOD DERMATOLOGIST will tell you - melasma will take time to go away and you have to prevent it going forward! But RX haven’t even done this much in 30 days! (Same thing for my scalp actually. 🤔)

Kind of makes you think....”Pay the farmer now or pay BIG PHARMA later?”

Crazy huh? If you’re looking for a better alternative to expensive rx products for your skin, scalp, and hair that are healthier, plant based, and non-toxic, let’s chat.

And yes. I got lash extensions. And yes there is purple in my hair - some temporary color extensions- no bleaching to get to that color Lol. Perks of Cosmo. I had to try it. And also disclaimer, I’m not 100% sold I’m not going back to botox. But I’m still going to continue to see where this goes for now. My wrinkles are not as bad as they were before. But I’m in a state of “coming off” the injections so idk what the wrinkles will look like in the next 6 months. But I’m just happy my “mustache melasma” is going away. I’m extatic actually! My skin texture is greatly improving too.

Questions? Email me.

Or to order or get on the wait list (some products are already sold out!), click here.

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